From here you can overlook many interesting things in other sites. There are useful softwares, sites that teach and inform, others that entertain, and I recommend  you take a look at all them. Then, go to my guestbook and tell me what  you thought about then, Ok?  


Cascata   Praia
Click on the pictures above to download the screensavers

Here are animated screensavers with very realistic nature themes, like a waterfall in a forest, with noises of birds,  running water, music... Some times you will can see
until little fishes swimming. There are other themes, as beach, lake, etc. It's free, but to install you must register on-line (you need to be connected on Internet in the moment of the installation).

PowerPoint Viewer

This is the program to visualize archives of presentation in Power Point in PPS files. It's FREE!

Program that opens ZIP files. Serve to diminish the size of archives.

Quest Machine                                         Search engine with an abrangent directorie of sites from the whole world.

Adobe Acrobat Reader                                         Free Program to open PDF files.

Download Accelerator Plus                                         Download manager. You can pause the download and resume even if the computer was turned off after the pause.

AVG Antivírus 6.0.481 Free                                         Program to get virus away of your computer. After installed you must update it regularly, to guarantee computer is protected of new viruses .

Netscape 7.0                                         Netscape Browser with several resources, also an easy site builder.

InterNet Explorer 6                                         Download here the latest version of Microsoft InterNet Explorer.


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